America Go Fishing man holding snook fish


Woman on a beach in the Keys with GPS coordinates reef sites card

Dedicated to helping anglers and divers find more places to fish & dive, America Go Fishing created their Fishing & Dive Sites GPS Coordinates Memory Cards. The memory cards provide a compilation of public reef site data that uploads to GPS units' Waypoint lists. Hundreds of waypoints are imported in seconds!

Why key in a few locations on your GPS unit when you could download hundreds in seconds?

Putting these reef sites in the users' hands helps to spread people out, reducing fishing and diving pressure. And when you're on a reef site, America Go Fishing makes it easy to play by the rules in order to conserve and protect these areas for future generations. The data includes regulations for highly regulated areas like The Keys on fishing, spearfishing, lobstering and other activities. It wasn't easy to gather, but this information is important and extremely useful.

The memory cards are currently available for Florida. Other coastal states coming soon! Please visit our store

We also created the Bait Catching Fish & Sea Life Guide which contains images of juvenile fish commonly found when bait catching or exploring the coast.