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Saltwater Fishing

man and girl on a boat working on a fishing rodWhether you are new to fishing or an experienced angler, you?ve come to the right place for all things related to recreational saltwater fishing.? On this site, you will find information on fishing licenses and regulations, fishing gear, bait rigging, the best fishing locations, seasonal fish movement and much more.

What is Saltwater Fishing

Saltwater fishing is a challenging and exciting style of fishing that takes place in the ocean or in bodies of water that connect to the ocean, such as the mouths of rivers, also known as estuaries. Saltwater fishing is accessible to just about everyone because you can fish from a variety of locations on land, in a boat or underwater.

What?s really exciting about saltwater fishing is that anglers have access to an enormous variety of fish species. Compare that to freshwater fishing, where you are limited to the species of fish that live in that particular body of water, saltwater fishing provides the opportunity to catch different species of fish in the same general location. By changing your position, the depth of the water, the time of day, and the time of year when you fish, you can gain access to a large variety of fish in the same general location.

While you can saltwater fish in different locations, you can also use a variety of fishing methods for fun and unique experiences. ?Some popular saltwater fishing techniques include fly-fishing, surf fishing, cast-net fishing, bottom fishing, trolling, hand-gathering, bait fishing, deep-sea fishing and spearfishing.

If you are a beginner, it might be a bit overwhelming and confusing figuring out where to start. Not to worry - we are here to help! On our site, you will find a comprehensive guide to get you started. We have included everything from licensing and regulations to types of bait and even how to stock your tackle box.

Recreational Fishing Licenses & Regulations

Please visit our Fishing Licenses and Regulations page for detailed information about fishing licenses and regulations.

Fishing Gear

Like any hobby, fishing requires some basic gear to get started. When we say gear, we mean the tools needed to go fishing, such as fishing poles (rods), lines, hooks, bait and lures. As you might expect, the type of gear you purchase depends on the type of fish you want to catch and the method of fishing you are planning. Since we are focusing on beginners, we will provide information on the basic gear for fishing with a rod, line and hook. People who fish using this method are called Anglers, and you?ll see that term frequently as you learn more about fishing.