Shipping Products to Tourists & Snow Birds


We ship most products using the US Postal Service. If your postal address is not "officially" located where you will be shipping your order, your order will not be delivered, even if you own the property, unless you have done a change of address at least 3 weeks earlier. A package sent to your unofficial vacation address will either get forwarded to your permanent address up north, or it will dissappear for months until it comes back to us.

The best option is to ship the package General Delivery to the nearest post office where you will be staying. You can pick up the package at the post office once it arrives, you need to only show your ID to pick it up.


Your Name
General Delivery
Street Address <<<---- The nearest post office to you
City, FL ZipCode

We can also ship using UPS which delivers to the address on the package. For us to ship UPS you must pay extra for UPS shipping. So please go to our Expedited Shipping section and select the UPS Ground Suppliment option. We will not ship UPS unless you select the correct shipping option by adding it to your shopping cart. Only shipments inside of Florida qualify for this option.